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We believe that the memories of your special day should last a lifetime. Ambience Weddings creates breathtaking displays designed to evoke passionate, magical memories of your special day for anniversaries to come. 


Host a beautiful wedding that captures the essence of your marriage and stands the test of time.


Transform your event space with twinkling lights, lavish curtains, and unique displays that soar with your imagination.

Wedding Essentials

From gorgeous backdrops and sleek table linings to opulent centerpieces, no wedding is complete without the details.

Private Parties

For all celebrations of life big and small, Ambience takes pride in making each celebration unique. We strive to enhance some of the brightest moments in life with

your personalized vision in mind. 

Proms\School Dances

High School Memories last forever. Let Ambience create a magical setting that everyone is certain to cherish for years and reunions to come.

Birthdays, Anniversaries & Reunions

Every step of life is important, especially the moments we get to share with friends and family. So let Ambience help you celebrate your milestones.

Celebrations of Life

Commemorate the lives, achievements, and warm memories of times spent with passed loved ones so that they may never leave your heart. 

Corporate Events

Ambience recognizes the value of sophistication as well as aesthetics in business. From days when it's all about work to evenings when it's time for celebration, Ambience provides the appropriate set-up with beauty and class.

Corporate Parties

Add some atmosphere to your professional life with smooth and sleek conference décor that enhances presentations and unifies team members. 

Reward hard work and bring staff members together to celebrate the important milestones in your workplace.

Work towards your goals and entice donors with the style your causes deserve. Ambience is eager to support your mission with our designs.

320 W Main St

Springfield, Ohio 45504

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm


Tel: (937) 325-1998

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